Traveling to Golden

Getting to Golden

Look, we get it… every city is different. But we’re here to help! See the information below on the easiest ways to get to where the west lives (AKA Golden, Colorado). We highly recommend flying into Denver International Airport! 

Navigating Transportation

  • We highly recommend you fly into Denver International Airport (DEN). Other nearby airports include Boulder and Colorado Springs. Boulder is a tiny airport and doesn’t fly a lot of planes (and is typically much more expensive than DEN). Colorado Springs is a bit of a trek.
  • From DEN you can either uber or train to Golden (see below).

There’s a train that goes most of the way to Golden from DEN Airport! Follow the instructions below on navigating the trains (you’ll need to do one transfer!):

  • You can catch the A-line out of the Denver airport. It runs roughly every 15 minutes depending on the time of the day. DEN is the last line on the rail – so you just need to purchase a ticket (~$10.50) and get on. Follow signs in the airport for the RTD train (near the Westin Hotel)
  • Take the train to the last stop – Union Station. This is the heart of Downtown Denver! If you have time to kill we’d suggest exploring the Denver area! From here you’ll have to transfer.
  • Transfer to the W-Line (West). The W-Line is roughly two blocks to the north where the A-Line drops you off
  • Take the W-Line to the end of the track (JeffCo Government – Golden Station). 
  • From here you are still ~two miles away from campus. You can either Lyft or take a Call-N-Ride shuttle!

Be mindful: the train is typically* much longer than taking a Lyft. (*Sometimes traffic can make it about equal). The from the train station in Golden to the aiport, it takes about an hour and a half.


The train system can be difficult to navigate as a newbie. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or need to get to Golden faster we recommend taking a ride share! Without traffic your ETA is roughly: 45min

  • Average Lyft* = $50-$60
  • Average Uber*= $50-$60

*Prices are estimated from DEN to Colorado School of Mines.